Home and Domestic Use

There is generally no planning required when one Pod or Garden Room is purchased if it is used for domestic purposes, such as for the enjoyment of your family. This is because the Pod or Garden Room falls under the permitted development rights for the main property. Though no planning is required the pod or garden room must be a set distance from certain boundaries and meet certain conditions, such as:

• The Pod/ Garden Rooms cannot have a total area of more than 50% of the total area of land which surrounds your property

• The Pod/ Garden Room cannot be allowed to block the light into neighbouring properties or obstruct nearby doors and windows.

Planning is required when a Garden Room is proposed to have a bed, shower facilities and cooking facilities as this is seen as an extension or an annexe to your existing residential property.

Building Warrant

Glamping Pods and Garden Rooms do not require a building warrant, and this significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to get through planning. This is because Glamping Pods are classed similar to that of a caravan, as it is a“non-permanent” structure. In certain circumstances a building warrant may be required, for example connecting wastage to the public drainage system.

Though the Glamping Pods are not subject to building control, we have applied a selected number to increase the safety for public usage.


Commercial Usage

Planning is required when a Glamping Pod is purchased for commercial purposes, such as a holiday let or a camping site.

Unless your business is currently engaged in tourism related activities such as camping and caravanning, planning permission is required for the change of use of land to allow the siting of one or more Pods for tourism use.

This requires the submission of a planning application to the Local Planning Authority for determination, which Timber Builds can take care of for you with our in-house services.

The Planning Process

Timber Builds Architects will guide you through the planning process. This will involve the collation and submission of all necessary information and monitoring of the planning application.

Once planning is submitted to your local authority you should receive a decision within 8-12 weeks.


Architectural Services

Please get in touch to discuss Architectural and Planning Services further or for a consultation, and for up to date Architectural Fees.